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Tommy Emmanuel and Friends

Come and witness one of the great guitarists of our time as he brings together his friends for this special festival experience.


Pedro Javier González is a guitarist and composer from Barcelona that stands out for its diaphanous and measured musical touch, as well as for his versatility to adapt to different genres.

He has released eleven albums, produced and collaborated with artists from very different disciplines like classical music, flamenco, jazz and pop-rock as Yoshimi Otani, Toti Soler, Feliu Gasull, Victoria de los Ángeles, El último de la fila, Joan Manuel Serrat, Lluis Llach, Maria del Mar Bonet, Manolo García, Paco Ortega, Monica Molina, Angelo Branduardi o Roberto Alagna, among many others.

Throughout his long and varied musical career, Pedro Javier has won several awards in the field of the flamenco guitar and has performed at major festivals sharing the stage with renowned artists like BB King, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Paco de Lucía, Keziah Jones, John Williams, Tomatito or Tommy Emmanuel .

Pedro started his professional career as a bassist of a modest orchestra while receiving flamenco guitar lessons from the masters Juan Trilla and A. F. Serra in Barcelona. After experiencing the main catalan flamenco environments: peñas, clubs, dance schools and contests, he forged the flamenco character of his musical style. Later, he also received classes on improvisation and jazz from the guitarists Albert Cubero and Sean Levit.