The Adelaide International Classical Guitar Competition is the most prestigious guitar competition in the Southern Hemisphere and has provided career-launching opportunities for six incredible young guitarists: Jin-Hee Kim (South Korea) in 2010, Andrey Lebedev (Australia) in 2012, Bogdan Mihailescu (Romania) in 2014, Marko Topchii (Ukraine) in 2016, Miles Johnston (Australia) in 2018 and Andrew Blanch (Australia) in 2019.

Congratulations to Pietro Locatto – the winner of the 2020 Adelaide International Classical Guitar Competition


First Prize

  • A Jim Redgate Guitar, valued at USD$16,000 (AUD$23000)
  • An invitation to perform at the next Adelaide Guitar Festival (including all travel expenses)



The audition round saw an unprecedented amount of entries from all over the world who represent some of the finest young classical guitarists from both Australia and abroad. The stunning level of technique and musicianship on display is commendable and we thank all those who entered the competition for this year for their dedication and skill.

Thank you to our esteemed judges: Adam Del Monte (US), Luke Dollman (AUS), Douglas Gautier AM (AUS), Vladimir Gorbach (AUS/Russia), Mak Grgic (Slovenia/US) & Dr Ken Murray (Aus).

The submissions for the final round from our finalists are listed below including the following repertoire:

  1. Free Range – Ken Murray
  2. 15 minutes of Free Choice Repertoire (one piece composed before 1850 and one piece after 1850)

Riccardo Calogiuri (Italy)

Free Range - Ken Murray

Andantino variato (Third movement from di Gran Sonata per chitarra sola) - N. Paganini

Capriccio diabolico - M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco

Jeffrey Cheah (Australia)

Free Range – Ken Murray

Prelude and Allegro from BWV 998 - J.S. Bach Arr. F. Koonce

Divertimento from Aquarelle - Sergio Assad

Tommaso Girotto (United Kingdom)

Free Range - Ken Murray

Pièce en forme de Passacaille - Alexandre Tansman

Rondo no.2, op.2 - Dionisio Aguado

Callum Henshaw (Australia)

Free Range - Ken Murray

La Catedral: Andante Religioso and Allegro Solemne - Agustín Barrios

K. 77: Moderato e Cantabile, Minuet - Domenico Scarlatti

Mosstrooper Peak: Smoky Cape - Nigel Westlake

Ziggy Johnston (Australia)

Free Range - Ken Murray

Sonata K53 - Domenico Scarlatti

La Gran Sarabanda - Leo Brouwer

Preludio e toccatina from Aquarelle - Sergio Assad

Samuel Kirkpatrick (Australia)

Free Range - Ken Murray

Prelude and Fugue 996 - J.S. Bach

Gigue 996 - J.S. Bach

India - R. Dyens

Druzbha (Friendship) - arr. Rudnev - V. Kozim

Pietro Locatto (Italy)

Free Range - Ken Murray

Prelude from quatre pieces breves - Martin

Fuga from Sonata BWV 914 - Bach

Vivo ed energico from Sonata Omaggio a Boccherini - Castelnuovo Tedesco

Cadiz - Isaac Albeniz

Clancy McLeod (Australia)

Free Range - Ken Murray

Sonata K. 239 Domenico Scarlatti - Arr. David Russell

Invocacion y danza - Joaquin Rodrigo

Chinnawat Themkumkwun (Thailand)

Free Range - Ken Murray

Prelude, BWV998 (1735) - J.S. Bach

Vals op.8, no.4 - Agustin Barrios Mangore

Sonatina Meridional (1930) I. Campo II. Copla III. Fiesta - Manuel Maria Ponce

Conor Whyte (Australia)

Free Range - Ken Murray

Un Sueno en la Floresta - Agustin Barrios

Bourree from J.S Bach's 4th Lute Suite in E Major

BWV 1006a - Gigue from J.S Bach's 4th Lute Suite in E Major