A fresh initiative for Adelaide Guitar Festival, The Backstage Sessions brings live music direct to your home. 

In the wings of the Festival Theatre, Adelaide Guitar Festival favourites along with some of Adelaide’s most talented emerging musicians recently came together to collaborate on a series of exclusive mini-concert recordings. Intimate, candid, and shot in high definition in the shadow of memorabilia from past Adelaide Festival Centre productions, see these musicians in a vibrant new light.  

Featuring sets from Chris Finnen, Cal Williams Jr & Kory HorwoodKelly Menhennett & BandThe Tom Kneebone TrioMike Bevan & Alain ValodzeThe Django Rowe Quintet and The Yearlings featuring Adelaide Guitar Festival Artistic Director Slava Grigoryan, The Backstage Sessions has your local live music fix covered this winter. 

Slava Grigoryan

A Message from Slava Grigoryan

Dear Friends, 

Adelaide Guitar Festival is very excited to be launching our new series of music videos - ‘The Backstage Sessions’, filmed in the wings of our Festival Theatre.   

After the loss of this year’s festival, we’ve looked for alternative possibilities for engaging some of our incredible local artists in a series of mini-concerts which capture the intimacy and joy of these rare collaborations.  

This is an initiative which we hope to continue long after social-distancing restrictions are lifted and we’re seeing our audiences again ‘in the flesh’. We hope you enjoy watching these as much as we enjoyed making them!  

Take care and see you soon.  

Slava Grigoryan 
Artistic Director, Adelaide Guitar Festival 

Backstage Session 6 - The Tom Kneebone Trio

The Backstage Sessions comes to a close this week with a set from three of Adelaide’s finest emerging musicians.

Tom Kneebone is a touring session musician with a guitar style steeped in pushing the boundaries of Jazz, Blues, and Folk music. Joined by Kyrie Anderson on drums and Dylan Paul on the double-bass, this first set ever from The Tom Kneebone Trio is certainly one to savor!


Backstage Session 5 - Chris Finnen, Cal Williams Jr & Kory Horwood

Each multi-award winners and exceedingly talented blues musicians in their own right, together this trio combine the gentle fingerpicking of British Folk with the raw intensity of a Delta Blues speakeasy.

Full of toe-tapping bravado and exciting slide guitar thrown in for good measure, enjoy a set as upbeat as it is classic blues.


Keep an eye out for the next video coming on Monday 3 August!

Backstage Session 4 - Mike Bevan & Alain Valodze

Mike Bevan specializes in jazz and Brazilian guitar whose music has been described as ‘sublime and romantic’.

Alain Valodze is an expressive Flamenco guitarist playing music of ‘haunting beauty and buoyant rhythm’.

Together, their expression of classical guitar is a rare treat!

Backstage Session 3 - The Yearlings ft. Slava Grigoryan

For some time now The Yearlings have been carving their place into the Australian alternative country music landscape. Including a special guest-appearance from our Artistic Director Slava Grigoryan (rarely seen sporting an electric guitar!), enjoy this beautiful set oozing with chilled roots vibes and beautiful melodies.

Backstage Session 2 - The Django Rowe Quintet

Django Rowe has been writing and performing music since he first picked up a guitar at aged 4. Now, fronting a new quintet including Sharon Grigoryan on cello, enjoy these new arrangements of his songs which while firmly rooted in jazz also push the boundaries of folk and avant-garde.

Introducing The Django Rowe Quintet!

Backstage Session 1 - Kelly Menhennett & Band

Kelly Menhennett is a national award-winning singer songwriter with a voice brimming in equal parts strength, passion and vibrato.

Along with her band, get ready to be taken on an earthy and rustic journey through some of Kelly’s most catchy tunes.

The Backstage Sessions Teaser