1 – 31 July 2019

Adelaide and Regional South Australia

In 2018, over 780 artists performed in more than 220 gigs in 100 venues across South Australia. From city pubs to wineries, markets to houseboats, Guitars in Bars continues to expand every year.

As an open-access festival, anyone can register their gig in South Australia’s most diverse celebration of guitar music. If you are a seasoned professional, emerging artist or back shed jammer, this is the opportunity to make yourself heard.  Find out more here.


8 FEBURARY 2019 – Venue Directory Registrations Open

1 MARCH 2019 – Event Registrations Open

26 APRIL 2019 – Event Registrations Close

31 MAY 2019 - Marketing Campaign Begins

1 – 31 JULY 2019 – Guitars in Bars


The 2019 Guitars in Bars Venue Directory helps to facilitate connections and conversations between venues and musicians.

By adding your venue to the venue directory, you will be available to be searched and contacted by musicians looking for venues to perform their Guitars In Bars events.

A venue doesn’t need to be a bar, past venues include a florist, a houseboat, a library, winery, guitar store, and barn! As long as your venue adheres to the rules of your local council then it's fine by us!

Best of all, adding yourself to the Venue directory is a completely free service.

Register Here